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How to arrive to Granada

Shuttles to Granada:

The congress will organize the following FREE transfers from Malaga Airport to the Congress Venue. Please note that seats are limited and will be assigned on a first come basis (pre-reservation is not available):

Transfer service from Málaga airport to the Granada Congress and Exhibitions Centre
September 14th 18.00h 20.00h          
September 15th 10.00h 12.00h 14.00h 16.00h 18.00h 20.00h 22.00h
September 16th 10.00h 12.00h 14.00h        
Transfer service from Granada Congress and Exhibitions Centre to Málaga airport
September 20th 08.00h 10.00h 12.00h 14.00h 16.00 18.00  


Flying directly to Granada:

Even if there is an airport in Granada, we highly recommend you fly directly to Malaga. More information in “Flying directly to Malaga”.

There are many more international flights to Madrid, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca. So, generally people prefer to fly to these 3 locations and book a direct flight from Madrid, Barcelona or Palma de Mallorca to Granada. See information below.

Granada airport is located 16 kilometers from Granada city. Granada Airport offers a wide variety of facilities, tourist information, assistance with luggage, coffee bar, car rentals, bus service to Granada, taxis.

On arrival it is best to get a taxi from the airport so that you can get to your accommodation without walking through the streets with your luggage. Taxi stops are at the arrivals area of the airport and costs about 28 €.

At the arrivals area of the airport, there is a direct line bus from the airport to the city center. Bus stops are: Airport – Bus station - La Caleta - Avenida de la Constitución – Gran Vía – Palacio de Congresos.  The ticket costs 3 € and lasts 40 minutes. See below the bus transfer timetables.


Flying directly to Málaga:

In order to reach Granada, we really recommend you to fly directly to Malaga. Malaga – Costal del sol Airport has more than 70 international destinations from all over the world in addition to its national connections. Malaga is the nearest international airport and is only 90 minutes from Granada by road. Moreover, the Congress Organization decided to put in place a service of bus transfers from Malaga to Granada. Timetables will be available soon. Flying to Malaga is really the best option to easily reach Granada.

There are also 4 options to reach Granada from Malaga:

Getting from Málaga Airport by bus
You can get a bus from Málaga airport to Granada bus station. It leaves everyday at 11:30 and at 18:30. It takes two and a half hours (it has several stops). The price is 9.83 €. To buy tickets online visit


Getting from Málaga by bus
This is a new shuttle bus (Line A) which connects Málaga Airport with the city bus station, the sixth stop on the route. The single fare is €2,00 and you buy the ticket on the bus. The journey takes about 20 minutes. The bus stop is on the arrivals forecourt of Terminal 3 and the buses run every 30 minutes from 7:00 to 24:00.

You can also get a line 19 bus, every 30 minutes, from 7:00am to 24:00pm, ticket 1 €) or a train (every 30 minutes, from 6.36am to 23:26 pm, ticket 1.05 €) or a taxi (about 20 €) from the airport to Málaga bus station (estación de autobuses).

There is a bus every hour from the Málaga bus station to Granada from 7:00am until 21:00pm. The price is 9,83 €. It takes about 1:45 h (128 kms). To buy tickets online visit You can check times and prices and even choose your seats.

If you miss the last bus to Granada, you can catch the 21.30 bus (Málaga-Guadix) which stops in Granada at 23.00. Failing that, you will have to get a hotel in Málaga or get a taxi.

Once you arrive to Granada bus station you get a bus, line 3, every 15 minutes, from 6:30 am to 23:00 pm, last stop of the line is the Granada Conference Center (Palacio de Congresos), ticket 1.10 € or a taxi (about 10 € to the Palacio de Congresos).


Getting from Málaga in a Hire car
Most companies have pick-up and drop-off points both at Granada airport and in the centre of Granada.

Average prices are about 36 € for the economic option, 52 € for the standard option and 116 € for the executive option.


Getting from Málaga airport in a taxi
Another good option to get to Granada is clubbing together with 2 or 3 people and get a taxi. A taxi from Málaga is 150 € during the weekdays and 174 € during the weekends.

You go to the taxi rank at the airport, talk to the taxi drivers and you can try to get a better price. It takes around one and a half hours.


Getting to Granada by high speed train

The train station is fairly central and is in Avenida de Andaluces off Avenida de la constitución.
Alvia trains take 4 and a half hour from Madrid Atocha Rail Station, 3 hours from Seville, 1 hour and 30 minutes from Antequera.

There are also 10 high speed trains per day from Madrid to Malaga or Antequera, which lasts 2 hour and 30 minutes. 2 high speed trains per day are also available from Barcelona to Malaga or Antequera, and takes around 5 hours and 30 minutes. Once in Antequera, you can reach Granada by train or bus. If you arrive Malaga train station, you have 4 options to reach Granada (see Flying directly to Malaga)

It takes about 90 minutes from Malaga to Granada by road. The Congress Organization decided to put in place a service of bus transfers from Malaga to Granada. Timetables will be available soon.

RENFE have a good website giving full information about trains in Spain, English, French, etc. Follow these links for homepage and timetables.


Getting to Granada by bus

There are many buses each day to and from the other large Spanish cities and international main cities. You can check times and prices and even choose your seats. The bus station is slightly out of town and you will need to get a taxi or a bus to get to the centre.

To buy national tickets online visit
For international tickets, visit


From Madrid
If you are coming from Madrid you will need to go to "estación del sur". The nearest tube station to "Estación del sur" is Méndez Alvaro. The buses go about every hour and if there is a busy day, for example before or after a fiesta they put on more buses according to demand. The usual thing (if you haven't bought tickets in advance) is just to go to the bus station and get on the next available bus. You would be unlucky if you have to wait longer than 2 hours for a bus. It takes about 5 hours from Madrid to Granada and costs 16,40 €.


From Málaga
See above in "getting from Málaga".


Driving to Granada

The Spanish road network has improved a lot in the last 20 years and there are good roads to all other Spanish cities. It takes about 5 hours from Madrid, 11 hours from Barcelona, 90 minutes from Málaga.