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* The IUNS Council Meeting will be held on Friday and Saturday, September 13th-14th.
** The IUNS Nominating Committee Meeting will be held on Saturday, 14th September.

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The ENLP, SEANLP, ANLP and PLAN are proud to announce the 2nd joint Young Scientist Award.
The aim of this award is to recognize the potential of young scientists to become global leaders in nutrition. This joint initiative would like to encourage outstanding young researchers from all over the world and from all fields of nutrition to develop their careers in nutrition and to establish a global network of future nutrition leaders. In 2009 the award was won by Reginald Annan, from Ghana.

The winner will receive a cash prize of 1000 US dollars, donated by the Judith Zwartz Foundation, Wageningen, The Netherlands..

Candidates should be final year PhD students or postdoctoral fellows in human nutrition science from any country, under the age of 40 years.

For further details and how to apply please click here.



Topics to be covered










1: Advances in Nutrition Research
1.1 Nutrigenetics, Nutrigenomics and Personalized Nutrition
1.2 Epigenetics and Early Programming
1.3 New Advances in Experimental Nutrition
1.4 Biomarkers in Nutrition
1.5 New Experiment Approaches in Clinical Nutrition


2: Nutrition Through Life Course
2.1 Nutrition in Pregnancy and Lactation
2.2 Nutrition in Infancy and Childhood
2.3 Nutrition and Adolescence
2.4 Nutrition in the Elderly
2.5 Exercise and Nutrition


3: Public Health Nutrition and Environment
3.1 Epidemiology
3.2 Healthy Life Styles Promotion
3.3 Physical Activity
3.4 Nutrition Policies
3.5 Guidelines
3.6 Environmental Sustainability


4: Nutrition and Management of Diseases
4.1 Obesity, diabetes and Related Disorders
4.2 Cardiovascular Diseases
4.3 Cancer
4.4 Malnutrition
4.5 Other Inflammatory and Immune Disease


5: Nutrients and Nutritional Assessment
5.1 Body Composition
5.2 Growth and Development
5.3 Macronutrients
5.4 Micronutrients
5.5 Intern Data Base Food Composition
5.6 Nutrition Assessment Method


6: Functional Food and Bioactive Compounds
6.1 Prebiotics, Probiotics and Synbiotics
6.2 Bioactive Food Components and Ingredients


7: Food culture practices and Nutritional Education
7.1 Joining Cultures through the Mediterranean Diet
7.2 Nutrition Transition Challenges in Latin America
7.3 Nutrition, Health and Wellness in Asia and Oceania
7.4 Improving Indigenous and Cultural Food
7.5 Changing Dietary Patterns in Northern and Western Countries


8: Agriculture, Food Science and Safety
8.1 Agrodiversity and Econutrition
8.2 Food Composition and Labelling
8.3 Food Safety, Nutrition and Wellness
8.4 Nutrition and Environmental Sustainability
8.5 Nutritional Claims